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The Group Intensive Japanese Course can help you master the Japanese language in a very fast manner. This course focuses on speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on improving your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. The syllabus for your lessons is based on your course book, but your teacher will also use other materials, including suggestions from students so the content of the class is interesting and suit the student's needs. You will work individually, in pairs or as a class. Your teacher will correct your spoken and written errors so that you will become more accurate and you will progress quickly. Each week, you will be given homework to make sure you have sufficient amount of extra knowledge. All Valiant students will understand their mistakes and will gain the confidence to speak Japanese freely and naturally. We have a diverse spectrum of enrolled students. Our students include: business people, university students, corporate trainees, diplomats, family members, working expats, teachers, spouses, and other adult students of Japanese with various cultural backgrounds.

This course is aimed mainly for students who want to improve their Japanese skills in day-to-day life situations. For example, formal greetings, how to introduce yourself and writing in katakana, hiragana and some kanji. The lessons are concentrated to bring out the best results within a short period of time. Valiant has the advantage of creating a pleasant, warm atmosphere, and influencing a great relationship between students and teachers. Each class has fewer than 15 students so everyone has plenty of chance to speak Japanese during the lessons. This course is suitable for people who want to learn Japanese quickly. You will have Japanese Grammar lessons and Japanese Grammar lectures. Students can also enjoy studying Japanese through conversation with classmates and teachers. If our listed group course times do not fit your schedule, do not worry. Our Japanese School is very flexible and we can accommodate your needs.

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